Wife Finds Shocking News On Mother-In-Laws Phone

Pauline Clarke was a loving and devoted wife and her husband loved her dearly. Her relationship with her mother-in-law however, was a different story. After reading a text message on her in-law’s phone, their relationship was about to change.

It all started the day Pauline met her husband Simon at conference. The soon-to-be couple clicked instantly. Their relationship progressed to the point Simon wanted to introduce his new girlfriend to his family.

They were all delighted with Pauline, except Simon’s mom.

In his mom’s eyes, no one was ever good enough for Simon. His past girlfriends were always driven away by his mother’s cold attitude towards them.

Moving forward, Simon and Pauline eventually got hitched. They had a huge wedding with close family and friends. Unfortunately, his wicked mother was nowhere to be found.

Pauline could never understand why she was despised so much by someone who appeared to be delightful around others.

“I honestly couldn’t put a finger on it. I don’t know why she didn’t like me and I really went above and beyond to please her.”

As time went on, the relationship didn’t get any better the two of them.

The tension between Pauline & her mother-in-law escalated when Simon fell on hard times.

“Simon’s company were making layoffs and he had the choice of leaving the company, or taking a huge salary cut. He took the cut as we had our mortgage to pay, but we still fell behind with payments.”

Pauline approached her parents for financial help. They gave her a couple hundred bucks from what little money they had, but weren’t really able to help.

Simon then approached his parents. His mother outright refused.

“I’m broke! Tell that wife of yours to go find a job, she’s a leech! Why couldn’t you have found a better woman?”

When Pauline heard the news, she wasn’t surprised to say the least. The outcome of that conversation was predictable.

Fast forward to one Sunday at a family barbeque.

The whole family was out in the yard, and everyone was enjoying themselves. Pauline had forgotten her phone at home, and wanted to check her email. She waiting for a delivery update on a birthday present she had ordered for Simon.

His birthday was fast approaching, and she wanted to lift his spirits with a book he had his eye on.

Pauline went into the kitchen and saw her mother-in-laws phone lying on the countertop.

“She wasn’t around and I impulsively grabbed it. It was only going to be for a second anyway, just to check my email.”

What she found next was shocking….

Her mother-in-law had forgotten to logout of her online bank account.

She started going through the account transactions and saw she had around $30,000 in her bank account.

Pauline couldn’t believe it.

“I was related to this woman, and when we asked for a bit of help to get us through these rough times, she pleaded poverty!”

Pauline put the phone back on the counter and went outside. She was enraged and went quiet for the rest of the afternoon.

Once they got home that evening, Pauline told Simon what she had seen. He was pretty pissed to say the least. The couple decided to brush it off and move on. Besides, things were looking up. Simon had lined up a few job interviews for the following week.

They got ready for bed and lay down. Simon read his book whilst Pauline browsed the web on her phone.

She then realised she had forgotten to check when Simon’s birthday present was being delivered.

Logging into her email, she had a confirmation the book would arrive the next day.

But her mind was on other things….

Pauline couldn’t help but think how her mother-in-law could be so cruel when she obviously could have helped them. They weren’t asking for a all of it, and yet because of her hatred toward Pauline, she refused to help.

She couldn’t control herself.

Pauline picked up the phone and called her Simon’s mom. She screamed at her and asked her why she hadn’t helped the couple out.

“Because you’re not right for my soon! He should of married someone better than you! And by the way, after this conversation, you are dead to me!” he monster-in-law said, before hanging up the phone.

They never spoke again after that….

Simon called his family the next day to try and reconcile things, but to no avail. He was just as angry as Pauline was, and apparently his mum never wanted to speak to her again.

Pauline figured as much. But she couldn’t care less.

“I’ve come to find that there is no way of pleasing everyone, and in the case of Simon’s mom, that’s very apparent.”

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