He Made Sure She’ll Never Forget That Day

Imagine this: you catch your partner cheating in your own bed. What would you do? Most people would probably scream and shout, the other part simply kick the other person’s a**. But not Harry. When he caught his GF in bed with another man, he stayed cool and instead of flipping out, he found a way out of this miserable situation.

After a day out Harry came home to an unexpected scene. He walked into the bedroom he shares with his girlfriend to find her passed out drunk in bed. Shockingly, lying cosied up next to her, was a guy without his shirt on.

‘What is this? Some kind of a joke?!’ he thought.

He left the room immediately to make sure he didn’t enter the wrong apartment! But it was the good one, unfortunately.

They both looked drunk, his GF and her companion. Harry could see parts of her lingerie scattered around the floor. It was definitely not a pleasant view.

Harry managed to curb his anger and instead of flipping out, he decided to record her infidelity with a series of snapshots and in one even posed for a selfie in front of the them.

He already had a plan what to do with all those photos. Without thinking twice, he posted them all on Facebook!

‘I came home earlier to surprise my GF but I guess the surprise was all hers!’ he wrote with a devil emoji.

The unknown man looked right at home in Harry’s bed. He gave his GF a tap on the shoulder but she wouldn’t even move.

After he took all the pictures he needed for the revenge and posted them, Harry just walked away like a boss.

‘The thing I was most curious of was her mom’s reaction when she sees her perfect daughter in act with another man. Yep, I have her in my FB friends!’

‘I was gonna ask if I was gonna have to sleep in the spare bedroom and what kinda breakfast the dude liked lmao.’

Not surprisingly, Harry’s pictures went viral. Thousands of people reached out to him to congratulate for staying calm and reacting like a real gentleman. He could have kick them both out of the apartment undressed, but he found a better way to give his unfaithful girlfriend a lesson.

Some people criticized him for that though, saying that what he did was way to cruel and humiliating for her.

Well, what’s more humiliating, finding your GF in bed with another guy or a few pics on Facebook? ‘The moment she brought that dude home, she signed up for all the cruelties I could think of to get my revenge. She asked for it.’

It’s hard not to agree with Harry!

He admitted that even though he played it cool, it wasn’t easy to recover from a heartbreak. After they moved in together, Harry even wanted to propose. He really had serious plans towards her and what he got instead broke him.

Not for too long though. All the support he’s received from all those people on Facebook helped him come back on his feet. It all made him realise it’s not the world that is bad and unfair, it was just a bad choice, a bad woman.

There were some attractive girls among those who helped him recover, who offered to go out for a drink. Harry took it as a sign – nothing happens without a reason.

Harry is dating again and it seems like everything starts to get back to normal. Fingers crossed for you, buddy!

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