Stunning Mom Takes Over Her Daughter’s Instagram Followers!

Hannah is a single mother who raised her daughter Gloria without anyone’s help. She is a professional photographer and besides that, she helps her daughter with her modeling and Instagram influencer career.

Hannah didn’t know that such a job could be so profitable. There were days when Gloria was bringing more money home than her! Hannah felt a little embarrassed about it, but it’s not like she wasn’t doing her best to provide for the family as a single mother.

Can you even call being an Instagram influencer a job?! Well, if you earn money on that, I guess you can.

Who’s an Instagram influencer anyway? How can this bring you money? Basically, those people are promoting some products or services on their profiles and encourage their followers to make a purchase. And even if it may sound easy, it can actually be as time-consuming as a full-time job.

Gloria suggested to her mother that she should also have an Instagram profile to promote her photographs. At the very beginning, Hannah was very skeptical about it. Why should a woman her age start doing social media? Wasn’t she too old for that? Wait, old? Look at her, how old can she be? Here is the thing – Hannah just turned 52! WOW! She looks amazing!

Having that in mind, Hannah still hoped that with a little help from her daughter, it shouldn’t be so complicated.

Before she started to publish pictures she took as a professional, Hannah posted one selfie, as an introduction to who she was. The feedback she received completely surprised her. Within 3 weeks, she gained 3k new followers! It took Gloria about 4 months to get there…

“It was never my intention to become popular! I just wanted to promote my work, as Gloria advised me. I have to admit though, that it was nice to read all those compliments. I made me feel better about myself.”

One of the local companies noticed Hannah’s profile and offered her a cooperation to promote their products on her Instagram.

Hannah thought it would be best to ask Gloria first. In the end, she has more experience with Instagram and promoting products there.

She thought Gloria would be willing to help her get through the first steps, but her response was completely the opposite. Hannah definitely didn’t expect such reaction from her own daughter. So instead of showing support, Gloria was super angry at her mom and she accused her of stealing her career!

But that was never Hannah’s intention. She only wanted to promote her work, and all this was just an unexpected side effect! In order to make things better between her and her daughter, Hannah decided to reject the offer and delete her profile. There was nothing more important for her than Gloria’s happiness. She agreed that it would be nice to have some additional income, but it’s not an option if it complicates things between her and Gloria.

But it was too late. When Hannah came back from work that day, Gloria wasn’t there anymore. She took all her stuff and moved out! She only left a short note:

“Dear old lady, go back behind your camera where you belong. The only thing I want now is to be far away from you. Don’t try to reach me, I already changed my number. It’s time for me to become a real model and I’m too afraid you would steal that part of my career too! Take care of your own business, Gloria.”

WOW! Hannah was left with a broken heart. She couldn’t believe one picture she posted on Instagram was the reason her daughter moved out. They had such a great relationship and now it’s all gone. How did she let that happen? Is there even a way to convince Gloria to come back?

Hannah still strongly believe that Gloria will come back home one day and everything will be fine. In the end, it’s just a stupid social media profile that she already deleted anyway! Maybe it’s just a difficult time Gloria is going through. Hannah remembers that when she was Gloria’s age, things didn’t seem easy. Young girls start seeing their defaults and stop believing in themselves. And having your mother interrupting something you were good at might not be the best way to stay motivated. Especially when your mom looks like Hannah! By the way, how is she doing it? At her age, she should already have wrinkles! We asked Hannah about her secret:

“There is no secret in the way I look. I’ve never done any surgeries or used fillers. From a very young age, my mother kept on telling me I should never use too much make-up, as it will make my skin look old in the future. And she was right. Now I’m grateful I listened to her!|

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