US couple recovered from Lake Þingvallavatn dead

US couple recovered from Lake Þingvallavatn dead

A man is believed to have jumped into the powerful Ölfusá river on Saturday night. Search parties have been searching the area since yesterday morning and the search continues today.

The lake is extremely cold and can be very dangerous as cramping rapidly occurs when people fall in.

Two tourists sent an emergency signal last night at Vatnajöull glacier. They were caught in an avalanche on Grímsfjall and SAR teams conducted an extensive search. They were found at 3 am last night.

The famous Viking “Hú” and accompanying clap will undoubtedly be heard at Russian stadiums next month for the FIFA World Cup football championships. However, fewer Icelandic fans are expected to attend than in the UEFA European championships when the Icelandic team did so well.

Atli Helgason who murdered a man in the year 2000 in a much publicised murder case will get his law licence restored. The Reykjavik District Court has accepted his request on the matter.

A passenger on a Reykjavik bus this morning attacked the driver when he had told him to leave the vehicle.

Harpa Concert Hall, the internationally awarded building for design and acoustics, has come under fire this last week as 20 service representatives walked out of their jobs after having been forced to take pay cuts. At the same time, director Svanhildur Konráðsdóttir got a pay rise.

A drunk man who had run berserk driving a digger machine in South Iceland had to be stopped by police and his vehicle overturned. He was transported to a hospital in Reykjavik via helicopter.

Jim Ratcliffe, who owns several lands and salmon rivers in Iceland is Britan’s richest man, according to yesterday’s Sunday Times.

Skies are sunny in Reykjavik this morning and temperatures will go up to 14 degrees Celsius Rain is however expected in the South towards the evening.

An absolutely awful long-term weather forecast for the summer in Reykjavik travelled far and wide on social media this weekend and almost bringing tears to eyes. However, it has now come to light that is was just a joke.

A yellow weather warnining has been issued for South Iceland and Faxaflói and Breiðafjörður in South West Iceland and West Iceland has been issued today from 2 pm onwards.

All efforts to resuscitate the couple recovered from Lake Þingvellir in South Iceland yesterday were in vain. They were pronounced dead last night. According to the wishes of their next of kin their names are not published in media.

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The lake is extremely cold and can be very dangerous as cramping rapidly occurs when people fall in.

Credit: US couple recovered from Lake Þingvallavatn dead