Two tourists rescued from Lake Þingvallavatn

Two tourists rescued from Lake Þingvallavatn

Þingvellir, the historic site of Europe’s first parliament, or althing, is also one of the most magnificent areas of natural beauty in Iceland. Thousands of tourists visit Þingvellir every year.

The population of brown trout that resides in lake Þingvallavatn can get very big, which makes it a popular lake for fishing. Last night Danish angler Nils Folmer Jörgensen caught a trout that weighed 26 pounds.

Country living in Iceland couldn’t get more stylish than this modern villa situated in Nesjavellir, a geothermal area of outstanding natural beauty close to Þingvellir National Park.

Locals in Mosfellsdalur valley are worried that the road in the valley, which leads to the Golden Circle, can’t handle the traffic and have proposed an alternative.

New rules on diving and snorkelling in Silfra were applied yesterday morning. This follows a second death in the famous crevasse this year.

One of the people diving in Silfra, a crevasse at Þingvellir national park on Sunday describes on Facebook how they watched a person die that day.

Iceland’s national day is 17 June, the day on which the newly independent Icelandic republic was founded in 1944. But is there more to the date than meets the eye?

One of the car parks at Iceland’s Þingvellir National Park will be closed amid reports that water has been polluted by oil leaks from tour vehicles.

Despite a few teething problems, park visitors were generally happy with the new set-up.

There are few places as magical as beautiful Lake Þingvellir, Iceland’s largest and deepest lake. Now you can rent a cottage with a view of the lake in both summer and winter.

An absolutely awful long-term weather forecast for the summer in Reykjavik travelled far and wide on social media this weekend and almost bringing tears to eyes. However, it has now come to light that is was just a joke.

A yellow weather warnining has been issued for South Iceland and Faxaflói and Breiðafjörður in South West Iceland and West Iceland has been issued today from 2 pm onwards.

All efforts to resuscitate the couple recovered from Lake Þingvellir in South Iceland yesterday were in vain. They were pronounced dead last night. According to the wishes of their next of kin their names are not published in media.

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The lake is extremely cold and can be very dangerous as cramping rapidly occurs when people fall in.

Credit: Two tourists rescued from Lake Þingvallavatn